Anela Fruit Dessert

Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert made wholly from fresh fruit, most of which comes from our own orchards. It is a 100% natural fruit product; an ideal way for the whole family to eat fruit. It has no added sugar, no conservatives or additives, it is gluten-free and suitable for diabetics (as it contains only fruit sugar) and also for children beginning to eat fruit. Anela Fruits “a spoonful of fruit” is an alternative way of eating fruit in an easy, natural, healthy way.


                                  100% PURE FRUIT PUREE

                  100% NATURAL. NO DYES OR PRESERVATIVES


                                SUITABLE FOR COELIACS






1. Anela Pear
2 x 100g unit pack
100% Pear

We elaborate on it from the best pear pulp. It is noticeable for its very sweet taste and its soft texture. Coming directly from our farms, we provide your house with fruit from the soil with all its nutrients, without any added product (neither preservatives, artificial colorings nor sugars).


2. Anela Apple
2 x 100g unit pack
100% Apple

We elaborate it exclusively from the apple pulp, without any added product (neither preservatives, artificial colorings nor sugars). It can be distinguished by its fine texture and sweetness. It is the healthiest choice to savour an apple with all its properties in a comfortable and natural way.


3. Anela Apple - Pear
2 x 100g unit pack
50% Apple, 50% Pear

It's the union of our two products, where the acidity of the apple mixes the softness of the pear. It has the same amount of both products and a high quality product appears of this mixture with a surprising taste, respecting the essence of 100% natural Anela Fruits, as it does not have any added product (neither preservatives, artificial colourings nor sugars).



4. Anela Apple - Peach
2 x 100g unit pack
80% Apple, 20% Peach

The combination of these fruits presents a very sweet taste. It is important to emphasize that peach is a good antioxidant. We offer you a product 100% natural…only fruit.


5. Anela Apple - Mango
2 x 100g unit pack
80% Apple, 20% Mango

An exotic combination and pleasing to the palate, it consists of the union between the sweetness of the mango and the acidity of the apple. The mango helps to boost your metabolism. Without any additive.


6. Anela Apple - Banana
2 x 100g unit pack
80% Apple, 20% Mango

Combination of textures and amount of nutrition between two of the most popular fruits. Noted for its flavor and aroma of banana. Not only the taste is pleasant but presents an excellent source of nutrients. This is a very accepted and a favorite for the little ones, 100% natural (without any additive).


7. Anela Apple - Strawbery
2 x 100g unit pack
82% Apple, 18% Strawberry

With a more exotic character, it consists of the combination of the quality of apples with the acidity of strawberries. This mixture allows the taster to savour a sweet taste with an acid point, so characteristic with the union of these two fruits, always respecting the nature of the product without adding any preservative, colouring or sugars.