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Halal breakfast slices

A good start to the day is a tasty breakfast. Euro Gourmet’s halal breakfast slices make this possible every single day. This complete range of halal products meets the most demanding tastes and expectations. Because they are made using the best ingredients and because there is a wide range of products to choose from. Besides turkey breakfast slices, we also offer beef and veal breakfast slices. Traditional and crispy meat products for daily use in the kitchen. They can be prepared in many different ways and are supplied in handy portion packs. These premium products are halal certified by recognised Halal offices. Since animal welfare is important to us, we buy our meat from carefully selected producers. In short: sublime taste is guaranteed in every way.



From smoked to grilled and nicely spiced

Halal sliced meat

Chicken or turkey, beef or veal... all our meats are authentically prepared by skilled professionals in order to produce specialities. The traditional methods we use include seasoning, grilling or smoking the meat. Yes, our European specialities are mouth-wateringly delicious. Euro Gourmet offers a wide range of specialities so you have plenty to taste and discover. Of course, halal sliced meat is delicious in a sandwich, but that’s just the start of your culinary journey with us. These meat products can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. Dishes, salads and snacks can all be enhanced with halal sliced meat. And, since it is halal certified and we pay attention to animal welfare, you can sell and recommend it to your customers with peace of mind.