The Berry Company


The Berry Company’s range comes in nine flavors, each sourced from the finest, most exotic ingredients and botanicals from around the world. Our range is free from added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavorings; wholesome ingredients.




1. Cranberry juice ( Available in 1L & 330ml)

This magical berry is full of the goodness your body needs. We source ours from Europe where they grow in bountiful supply and blend them, so they maintain their sweetness. Our cranberry juice drink is perfect for enjoying chilled, blended into a cocktail, or as a base for smoothies.

2. Blueberry juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

One of nature’s rare blue things, our blueberry juice is a personal favorite at Berry HQ. Blueberries not only taste delicious but are bursting with goodness. A staple ingredient for your morning juice or smoothie, we believe they’re essential for every household all year round.

3. Acai berry juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

Difficult to pronounce (ah-sah-ee) but easy to drink, we’ve sourced our acai berries from Brazil to give you an exotic twist to your day. Acai berries have a rich berry flavor with subtle notes of dark chocolate. We are proud supporters of sustainable farming in the rainforest so try our juice in your next smoothie bowl guilt-free!

4. Goji berry juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

We source our goji berries from China, where this juicy berry is a major player on the super berries list. They have a sweet, peachy flavor that can be enjoyed every day. Eat them raw, mix them into smoothies, or simply enjoy your daily dose of this juice.

5. Pomegranate juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

Native to Persia, this powerhouse super fruit is not only good for you, but it is great tasting too. It has a light and delicate flavor, making it perfect to serve over ice, mix in with your morning smoothie or even blend into a cocktail. This all-rounder is a staple in every household.

6. Super berries purple juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

We blend blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes to make our Super Berries juice taste so delightful. This drink will fire you up in the morning, bursting with goodness and great taste.

7. Super berries red juice (Available in 1L & 330ml)

We blend pomegranates, cranberries, and red grapes to give you this juice drink bursting with goodness. Pomegranates and cranberries give the drink it’s floral and tart notes, whilst the grapes add a little sweetness to create a delicious drink for every day.


1. The Special White Tea & Peach blend ( Available in 1L & 330ml)

Known for its rich taste and sweet aroma, white tea leaves are a great source of goodness. We blend ours with a splash of peach juice to give it some sweetness. The perfect drink for a little lift in the morning.

2. The Special Green Tea & Aronia-Blueberry juice blend ( Available in 1L & 330ml)

Our Green Tea & Blueberry juice blend is made from the best and most exotic ingredients and botanicals from around the world without added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Full of taste and goodness.



Cranberry juice: