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The Berry Company Superberry Purple

The Berry Company Superberry Purple

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A blended juice drink made with purple berry juices from concentrate.

About Purple Berries: We realize that purple berries seems like the latest fad these days. But we feel we can genuinely justify calling our juice this. Our superberries combine Blueberry, Blackberry, Grape and Blackcurrant to produce the ultimate concentration of great flavour. And unlike most of the latest juice fads our purple berries taste super!

NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF: No artificial Preservatives, No artificial colourings, No artificial flavourings, Dairy free, Gluten free and Vegan.

Available in: 1L and 330ml

Origin: UK

Ingredients: Water, Fruit juices from concentrate 20%, Grape 15%, Blackberry 2%, Blackcurrant 2%, Blueberry 1% ), natural Sugars, Natural flavourings, Acid: Malic acid, Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid.