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The Berry Company Superberries Red

The Berry Company Superberries Red

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A blend juice drink made with red berry juices from concentrate.

About Red Berries: Our superberries combine pomegranate aronia, Cranberry and Grape to produce the ultimate concentration of great taste. And unlike most of the latest fads, our red berries are super-duper!

NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF: No Artificial preservatives, no artificial colourings, No Artificial flavourings, dairy free, gluten free, Vegan, Wheat free, Fat free and Lactose free.

Available in: 1L and 330ml

Origin: UK

Ingredients: water, Fruit juices from concentrate 20%, (Grape, Pomegranate, Aronia, berries, Cranberry, Lemon), Natural Sugars, Acidifier: Malic Acid, Natural Flavours (Pomegranate, Grapes), Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid.