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The Berry Company Superberry Red Naturally Light 1L

The Berry Company Superberry Red Naturally Light 1L

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ONLY 20 CALORIES... A blended drink made with natural red berry juices and natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract). We've kept sugars to a minimum with only 20 calories per 100ml, whilst maintaining taste and goodness.

WHY WE LOVE OUR RED SUPERBERRIES SO MUCH... We blend pomegranates, cranberries and red grapes to give you this juice drink bursting with goodness. Pomegranates and cranberries give the drink it's floral and tart notes, whilst the grapes ass a little sweetness to create a delicious drink for every day.

THE GOOD STUFF... No GMOs, Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan, Wheat free Fat free and Lactose free.

Ingredients: Water, not from concentrate pressed fruit juices & puree, 15% (Grape, Pomegranate, 2%, Aronia berries, 2%, Cranberry puree, 2%, Raspberry puree, 1%), concentrated fruit sugars, stabilizer. pectin, natural flavourings, vitamin C, sweetener. Stevia leaf extract ( Steviol Glycosides)

Origin: UK